Karate, Martial Arts, Self Defence, MMA - Harrogate - EST. 1999
Karate Kidz classes are based on martial arts training, but are perhaps better understood as being general physical preparation for future sports success.
It is hard for a child to learn the complex movements of a kick or a punch - or indeed any sporting movement - if they haven't first mastered the basics of running, jumping, throwing and catching.
This is why there is plenty of time spent in Karate Kidz classes developing these basic skills in a fun and dynamic way.
Very young children do not perform physical activity beacuse of competitive drive, but because it is fun! This is why most of the activity in a Karate Kidz class is games-based, albeit with a martial arts twist.
It is important to get children involved in organized physical activity at an early age. It helps improve motor control, kinesthetic awareness, balance, co-ordination, agility and physical confidence, in addition to providing a positive social learning environment.
These physical attributes, in addition to the psychological benefits of enhanced self-discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem, will enhance your child's life immeasurably in the years to come.