Karate, Martial Arts, Self Defence, MMA - Harrogate - EST. 1999
Shukokai (‘the Way for All’) is a traditional form of Japanese
Karate-dō (‘the Way of the Empty Hand’), developed by Tani Chojiro in the 1950s from the older style of Shitō Ryu.
It was further developed by Kimura Shigeru, and it has become renowned for its use of sound scientific and biomechanical principles in its search for both power and mobility.
Classes are based around Kihon (basic techniques), Kata (forms or patterns of movements) and Kumite (sparring), although the ratio of each varies depending upon the age of the student (see Karate Training for more).
Classes are suitable for Junior Cadets (aged six to ten), Senior Cadets (aged eleven to fifteen) and Adults (aged sixteen and over), with specific syllabi for each group.
Ideal for the whole family, Karate helps to develop self-confidence,
awareness, strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, concentration, self-discipline and overall fitness – as well as being great fun!
Karate is both a martial art and a combat sport, and for the competitive aspect, there are opportunities to compete in both Kata and Kumite up to world level. Through the English Karate Federation, the Academy is
affiliated to the World Karate Federation, which has over fifty million members and is the only Karate organization fully recognized by the International Olympic committee.
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