Karate, Martial Arts, Self Defence, MMA - Harrogate - EST. 1999
Kenshinkan Karate Academy is affiliated through a number of national and international organizations to the World Karate Federation and the International Olympic Committee. The WKF is the largest international governing body for Karate in existence, with over 130 member countries and 50 million practitioners. It organizes the Junior and Senior Karate World Championships, which are held every other year. The President of the WKF is currently Antonio Espinos, and the Headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain. 
Illustrated below is how Kenshinkan Karate Academy fits into the larger organizations: 
International Olympic Committee
World Karate Federation
European Karate Federation
British Karate Federation
English Karate Federation
Shindokai Karate Association
Kenshinkan Karate