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Shindo Kai National Champs Success

We had some excellent performances at this weekend's Shindo Kai Karate Association National Championships,with our five-person squad gaining five medals! Competitors were John, Jack and Laura Hartshorn, Lisa Milnes and  Blossom Sabel, and results were as follows:

John Hartshorn - Gold (Men's Kyu Grade Kata)
                          Bronze (Veteran's Open Grade Kata)
Laura Hartshorn - Bronze (Pairs Senior Grade Kata)
Lisa Milnes - Silver (Veteran's Open Grade Kata)
Blossom Sabel - Bronze (Pairs Senior Grade Kata)

Well done everyone, and remember - you never lose, you either win or you learn!

Our Newest Black Belt!

Well done to Lisa Milnes, who after five years of hard training and in the face of several injuries, managed to successfully pass her first dan black belt! 

The grueling grading took place at Honeywell Sports Centre in Barnsley under the watchful eye of three examiners, and Lisa put in a great performance.

Congratulations from everyone at Kenshinkan!

3rd Dan Success for Club Instructor

Congratulations to John Howden, one of our club instructors, on successfully passing his third dan black belt!

John had to perform over a dozen advanced, senior level kata in front of Shindo Kai's highest ranked instructors to pass his test, an impressive achievement and one we are all very proud of!

Summer Camp 2014!

Our summer camp will be running again this year, from 11th to 15th August, at Christ Church Community Centre in Darley.

It will run from 9am until 3pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am until 12pm on the Friday.

Costs are £110 for the full week, £30 for a single day, or £20 for a morning or afternoon.

The camp is suitable for all ages from six upwards, and all grades, even complete beginners (who will progress to their first grade over the course of the week).

Please see me in class if you are interested, call me on 07720 572940, or email me at dshowden@hotmail.com.

Another Successful Kenshinkan Grading!

We had another great grading this past weekend, and everyone performed really well!

Congratulations to the successful grading candidates:

Kian Robinson - 3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Jack Hartshorn - 5th Kyu Blue Belt

Laura Hartshorn - 5th Kyu Blue Belt

Benjamin Lofthouse - 5th Kyu Blue Belt

Nye Pickard - 5th Kyu Blue Belt

Nathan Burton - 6th Kyu Green Belt

Reuben Dunford - 6th Kyu Green Belt

April Anderson - 7th Kyu Orange Belt

Lillie Carter - 7th Kyu Orange Belt

Richard Carter - 7th Kyu Orange Belt

Leah McIlwraith - 7th Kyu Orange Belt

Ben Procter-Hudson - 7th Kyu Orange Belt

Well done to all!

Next Grading will be March 2014!

New Beginner's Classes - Free for October!

From Friday 4th October, we are delighted to be able to offer a free month's trial for all new students!

For children aged 3-6 years old, classes are from 4.30 to 5.00pm, and for people aged six years upwards (no upper age limit), classes are from 5.00 to 6.00pm.

Both sessions are on a Friday evening, at Christ Church Community Centre in Darley (see map).

This is a fantastic opportunity to try out this amazing sport, call us on 01423 780490 or email dshowden@hotmail.com to book your place!

Summer Karate Camp 12th-16th August!
Wondering what to do during the long Summer break? Join us at Christ Church Community Centre in Darley for a week of Karate fun!
Training will be from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday from 12th to 16th August (please bring a packed lunch!).
There will be sessions on basic techniques, kata and fighting, as well as lots of fun games and activities. Students completing the entire week will be able to take their next belt grading (for grades below brown belt) at the end.
The camp is also suitable for complete beginners, who will be taken to 9th Kyu (Red Tab) level by the end of the week. So if you have any friends who might be interested, tell them!
Costs are as follows:
Full Week = £120
Day = £30
Half Day (morning or afternoon) = £20
For further details, please call me on 01423 780490, or email me at dshowden@hotmail.com.
Spaces are limited, and bookings need to be made by 31st July.
Click here for the flyer!!!
Email  us
If you have any news item or a karate picture please email us and we will put it on the website.
Black Belt Success at Recent Grading!

The hard work over the past four years has paid off, and four Kenshinkan students put in a tremendous performance the recent Shindo Kai Karate Association Dan Grading. 
The successful students were Jacob Aldore, Justyna Howden, Emma Makin and Nolly Pickard - huge congratulations to all!!!
5th South Yorkshire Open Championships
Our single competitor at this big event was Emma Makin, who put in a superb kata performance (her best yet!) to gain a Bronze Medal. Well done Emma!

More Competition Success!
Kenshinkan enjoyed more success recently, with the Shindo Kai Karate Association National Kata Championships!
Nolly Pickard narrowly missed out on Gold in the veterans Kata section, still coming away with a great Silver after some superb performances.
Justyna Howden secured Bronze in the senior kyu grade category, beating some very stiff competition from some of the England squad members.
Club instructor Damian Howden also won a Silver medal in the senior black belt section.
The competition was, as usual, very well run, with some great people and a very high standard.
Well done to all!
2nd Dan Black Belt Success!
Club instructor John Howden recently took his 2nd dan black belt grading, after first completing a Shindo Kai Karate Association course in Barnsley.

Standards are very high at this level, and his daily training paid off, with a great performance.
The grading panel consisted of Sensei John Tumman (7th dan, Chief Instructor of the Shindo Kai Karate Association), Sensei Terry Everson (6th dan) and Sensei Damian Howden (4th dan).
A brilliant grading for a very hard-training karateka!
Kenshinkan Kyu Grading - Great Results!
Kenshinkan Karate Academy have just had a fantastic Kyu Grading, with a 100% pass rate!

Successful students were:
George Carter (9th kyu)
Jack Hartshorn (9th kyu)
Laura Hartshorn (9th kyu)
Ben Lofthouse (9th kyu)
Tom Midwood (9th kyu)
Mark Reader (9th kyu)
Blossom Sabel (9th kyu)
Vivien Sabel (9th kyu)
Jack Hanson (8th kyu)
James Hanson (8th kyu)
Nye Pickard (8th kyu)
Kris Klepajczuk (4th kyu)
Lisa Milnes (4th kyu)
Max Milnes (4th kyu)
Kian Robinson (4th kyu)
Thomas Swannie (4th kyu)
Kasia Klepajczuk (1st kyu)
Finley Pickard (1st kyu)
JB Pickard (1st kyu)
Standards were high, as always, with senior grades having to work hard for nearly three straight hours.
Congratulations to everyone, especially to Kris Klepajczuk, who achieved the highest mark despite having only recently had surgery on his knee. True Karate spirit!!!
Origin Now Available to Pre-Order at Amazon!
Damian's action thriller novel Origin can now be pre-ordered in two different formats from Amazon - please see here for details!
Release date has been confirmed as 25th October 2012!
'Origin' by J T Brannan!
Kenshinkan instructor Damian received great news recently when his action adventure thriller 'Origin' (written under the name J T Brannan) was sold to Headline Publishing, for publication in late October 2012!
The novel is an action thriller with a sci-fi twist -
Scientist Evelyn Edwards discovers a body in Antarctica that must be at least 40,000 years old but it looks like nothing she’s ever seen before, and could be a new species of man. Evelyn and her team have stumbled upon the greatest conspiracy of all time and one that somebody is trying to keep secret at any cost.
Please follow the blog here for regular updates!
And as if that wasn't enough, one of our students also has a book coming out very soon!
Vivian Sabel is a psychotherapist and a baby and parenting expert (check out her website here), and has written 'The Blossom Method' which is 'a revolutionary new technique for parents to understand and communicate with their babies'.
Due out on June 7th, you can already pre-order from Amazon here!
Top Results for Kenshinkan at Shindo Kai Junior Champs!
Another successful competition for Kenshinkan students, as a team of five brought back six medals!
Results were as follows:
Jude Aldore - Bronze - Boys 8-9yrs Individual Fighting
Kasia Klepajczuk - Bronze - Girls Pairs Kata
                                        Girls 10-12yrs Team Fighting
Emma Makin - Bronze - Girls Pairs Kata
                                  Girls 10-12yrs Team Fighting
Max Milnes - Bronze - Boys 10-11yrs Individual Fighting
Jacob Aldore also fought very well against the eventual winner of his category, putting in a great performance!
Well done to all - everyone is improving, and you should all be very proud of what you have achieved!!!
New Kumite Rules Demonstrated at 2012 Paris Open
The Paris Open, held in January, showcased the new WKF Kumite Rules (see here for download of full 2012 rules).
Essentially, bouts are now conducted with FOUR corner judges and one referee, and a minimum of TWO judges' flags are needed for a point or warning to be awarded.
See the video below for highlights of WKF world champion Rafael Aghayev's matches in the -75kg category. Superb!
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Aghayev Open de Paris 2012
Highlights of Aghayev's matches in -75kg category
Karate - the Best Sport for the Elderly?
Further evidence has recently emerged about the benefits of Karate training for the elderly - see this article by the World Karate Federation for details!
EKF Kyu Grade National Championships 2012 -
9 Medals for Kenshinkan Team!
Ponds Forge International Sports Centre played host this weekend to the first ever English Karate Federation Kyu Grade National Championships, which was attended by several hundred high-class competitors.
Representing the Shindo Kai Karate Assoication, the Kenshinkan team of Jacob Aldore, Jude Aldore, Justyna Howden, Kasia Klepajczuk, Kris Klepajczuk, Emma Makin, Lisa Milnes, Max Milnes, Thomas Nielsen, Finley Pickard, JB Pickard, Nolly Pickard, Kian Robinson and Thomas Swannie brough back a tremendous haul of four Golds, one Silver and four Bronze medals!
Everyone put in superb performances, and should be very proud of doing so well at such a high-level tournament!
Medal results were as follows:
Jacob Aldore - Bronze - Boys 12-13yrs 5th Kyu and Above -45kg Individual Kumite
Justyna Howden - Gold- Ladies Senior Team Kumite
                        Silver - Ladies 5th Kyu and Above -61kg Individual Kumite
Emma Makin - Bronze - Girls 12-13yrs Team Kumite
                   Bronze - Girls 12-13yrs 5th Kyu and Above -45kg Individual Kumite
Lisa Milnes - Gold - Ladies Senior Team Kumite
Nolly Pickard - Gold - Ladies Senior Team Kumite
                   Gold - Ladies 5th Kyu and Above -61kg Individual Kumite
                   Bronze - Ladies Veterans Open Grade Kumite
Well done to all competitors on these great results!
Ladies Self-Defence Seminar - 15th January
There will be a one-off Ladies Self-Defence Seminar next Sunday (15th January), from 10am to 2pm, at Otley Health and Martial Arts Centre.
We will be covering a wide range of topics, including the all-important Awareness and Assessment skills that are often missed out, as well as practical physical techniques.
The cost of the 4-hour seminar is just £15, so let all of your friends know too! Places can be booked by calling Damian on 01943 968002, or by using the contact form.
For more information, click here for the flyer!
Grading Success!
We had a very successful grading recently, with senior grades having to perform continuously for almost four hours, yet still schieving a superb 100% pass rate!
9th Kyu Red Tab - George Carter, Jack Hartshorn, Laura Hartshorn, Ben Lofthouse, Tom Midwood, Mark Reader, Blossom Sabel, Viv Sabel, Vu Sabel and Euan Walsh 
8th Kyu Yellow Belt - Jack Hanson, James Hanson and Nye Pickard
6th Kyu Green Belt - Job Robinson
5th Kyu Blue Belt - Kris Klepajczuk, Lisa Milnes, Max Milnes, Thomas Swannie
2nd Kyu Brown Belt - Kasia Klepajczuk, Finley Pickard and JB Pickard
1st Kyu Brown Belt - Jacob Aldore, Jude Aldore, Justyna Howden, Emma Makin, and Nolly Pickard
Congratulations to all!!!
New 'Art of Kata' Classes!
Sensei and SempaiArt of Kata classes - designed as slow, stretching and strengthening excercises for the over-50s based on classic Karate forms - will be starting this January at a new venue, Otley Health and Martial Arts Centre. First lesson will be on Wednesday 4th January, with Sensei John Howden, who first started karate back in 1969!
Click here to enquire about further details, or to book your place!
Dates for Your Diary!!!
December 4th - EKF Northern Squad Training 
Your chance to train with the top karate coaches in the north of England!
Schedule: Kumite Registration (10-13yrs) - 9.30am
               Kumite Training - 10.00am-12.00pm
               Kata Registration - 11.30am
               Kata Training - 12.00-2.00pm
               Kumite Registration (14+ yrs) - 1.30pm
               Kumite Training - 2.00-4.00pm
Location:  No.1 Fitness Centre
               Unit 2 Skelton Park
               Riparian Way
               BD20 7BW
You need to register by Thursday 1st December, click here for link to registration page on EKF website.
December 18th - Grading and Christmas Party
End of year Kyu grading and our famous annual Christmas Party!
    Grading = 12.00-4.00pm (please check your licence is up to date!)
    Party = 4.00-6.00pm
Please bring any item of food and drink with you to the party, as usual there will be plenty of activities for all the family! Full details to follow!
January 22nd - EKF Kyu Grade English Championships
A great chance to compete for an English title without having to go up against black belts! Plenty of categories, and close to home at Ponds Forge in Sheffield too, so no excuse for not getting there to either compete or lend your support!
Entries need to be in by Friday December 17th, see Sensei for entry forms!
Shindokai National Championships
Some of the winnersGreat showing from Kenshinkan at the Shindo Kai National Championships this weekend, well done to all!

Results as follows:

Jude Aldore - Bronze - Team Fighting

Damian Howden - Bronze - Individual Kata
- Bronze - Individual Fighting

Justyna Howden - Bronze - Team Fighting

Kasia Klepajczuk - Bronze - Team Fighting

John Longstaffe - Bronze - Pairs Kata

Mark Longstaffe - Pairs Kata

Emma Makin - Team Fighting

Lisa Milnes - Bronze - Team Fighting

JB Pickard - Bronze - Individual Fighting
- Bronze - Team Fighting

Nolly Pickard - Bronze - Individual Fighting
- Bronze - Team Fighting

Kian Robinson - Bronze - Individual Kata

Well done also to those competitors who performed well but unfortunately did not medal at the event - Jacob Aldore, John Howden Max Milnes, Frank Nielsen and Thomas Nielsen.

Fourteen medals in all from a team of sixteen competitors! Now we just need some gold ones!!!
Black Belt Grading Success!
Successful Black Belt candidates - Oliver, Frank and Josh
Kenshinkan Karate Academy put forward three students for their 1st Dan Black Belt grading last weekend (16th October 2011) - Oliver Butterworth, Frank Nielsen and Josh Dean.
They first had to pass a two-hour pre-grading assessment two weeks prior to the event, and then had to train for three hours of Kumite and Kata on the day of the grading itself. 
The grading then took a further two hours, including almost half an hour of fighting.
All three students did tremendously, and all passed to Shodan (1st Dan) Black Belt.
4th Yorkshire Open Championships
Competition winners
Congratulations to all those who competed and did so well at the recent Yorkshire Open Karate Championships!
The Kenshinkan team earned seven Bronze medals! Results were as follows:
Jacob Aldore - Bronze - Team Kumite
Kasia Klepajczuk - Bronze - Individual Kata + Team Kumite
John Longstaffe - Bronze - Individual Kata
Emma Makin - Bronze - Individual Kumite + Team Kumite
Finley Pickard - Bronze - Team Kumite
Jude Aldore, Oliver Butterworth, Justyna Howden, Kris Klepajczuk, JB Pickard and Nolly Pickard also performed very well.
Check out Galleries for more pictures
Grading Results!
We had a very successful grading recently, with a 100% pass rate!
9th Kyu Red Tab - Jack Hanson, James Hanson
6th Kyu Green Belt - Emma Blunstone, Lisa Milnes, Max Milnes, Thomas Swannie
3rd Kyu Brown Belt - Megan Haneskog, Kasia Klepajczuk, Thomas Nielsen, Finley Pickard, JB Pickard
2nd Kyu Brown Belt - Jacob Aldore, Jude Aldore, Emma Makin, Nolly Pickard
Congratulations to all!!!
Shindokai National Kata Championship
Congratulations to those who competed at the recent Shindokai National Kata Championships!
3rd Place - Adult Brown Belt Kata - Frank Nielsen
2nd Place - Adult Black Belt Kata - Damian Howden
Everyone else also did very well - Jacob Aldore, Jude Aldore, Justyna Howden, Kasia Klepajczuk, Emma Makin, Lisa Milnes, Max Milnes, Frank Nielsen, Finley Pickard and JB Pickard.
Next competition is the Yorkshire Open on the 7th August!
New pictures
New pictures in galleries!!!
Student of the Year
Student of the year!
With great difficulty we have elected our Student of the Year!!! It was a hard choice because so many of our students deserved it. Nevertheless the award has gone to Max Milnes for his commitment, effort and hard work. Last year's winner Jacob Aldore was very happy for his colleague to win but sad to see his title go.
We also presented a special award for Attendance to Robbie-Joe and Regan Downer.
Well done!!!
Successful Grading
Succesfull grading
We had another successful grading just before Christmas, and the following students passed to their next grade:
Passing to 7th Kyu Orange Belt: Lisa Milnes, Max Milnes, Zoe Porter, Job Robinson and Thomas Swannie
Passing to 6th Kyu Green Belt: Danya Ali, Alistair Porter and Kian Robinson
Passing to 4th Kyu Purple Belt: Megan Hanneskog and Kasia Klepajczuk
Passing to 3rd Kyu Brown Belt: Jacob Aldore, Jude Aldore, Regan Downer and Emma Makin
Passing to 2nd Kyu Brown Belt: Justyna Howden
Passing to 1st Kyu Brown Belt: Oliver Butterworth and Josh Dean
Everyone performed extremely well, with the senior belts grading for a gruelling four hours! Highest mark of the day was achieved by Jacob Aldore - congratulations!
Christmas Party
Our annual Christmas Party was held straight after the grading, and was a great success! We had more competitions this year, with the following results:
Individual Kata 1st Place = Max Milnes, 2nd Place = Jacob Aldore
Team Kata 1st Place = Jacob Aldore, Jude Aldore and Emma Makin
Creative Kata 1st Place = Max Milnes
Individual Kumite 1st Place = Jacob Aldore, 2nd Place = Emma Makin
Thank you to all competitors, and a special thank you to Kian Robinson for suggesting the Creative Kata event - it was most entertaining!
Thanks also to Robbie-Joe for providing music for the party!
New pictures and video
Check the new Action shots from our latest Karate competition in Competitions Gallery and also our new video for Urban Combat Method!!!
Shindo Kai Nationals 2010
Congratulations to the following students who took part in the Shindo Kai Karate Association National Championships this Sunday:
Richard Blackburn, Oliver Butterworth, Josh Dean, Justyna Howden, Kasia Klepajczuk, Emma Makin, Max Milnes, Frank Nielsen, Thomas Nielsen, Finley Pickard, JB Pickard, Nolly Pickard and Thomas Swannie.
There were some really great performances, and everyone should be very proud of themselves!
The following medals were won:
Max Milnes - Bronze Medal - Pairs Kata
Thomas Swannie - Bronze Medal - Pairs Kata
                           Bronze Medal - Individual Kata
Justyna Howden - Silver Medal - Individual Kumite
Richard Blackburn - Silver Medal - Pairs Kata
Damian Howden - Silver Medal - Pairs Kata
                          Bronze Medal - Individual Kata
                          Bronze Medal - Individual Kumite
Well done to all, hopefully will have even more people competing next time, and maybe bring back some golds!!!
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Shindo Kai Nationals 2010
Team kata - Kenshinkan Karate Academy members: Thomas Swannie and Max Milnes
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Shindo Kai Nationals 2010 - Kumite
Silver winning performance in Female Kumite all Kyu Grades ages 16+ by Kenshinkan Karate Academy Member Justyna Howden
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Shindo Kai Nationals 2010- Male Kumite
Bronze winning performance in Male Kumite Black Belts ages 16+ by Kenshinkan Karate Academy Sensei Damian
Dacre Banks Demonstration
Kenshinkan Karate Academy put on another successful demonstration recently at the annual Dacre Banks Fun Day. Thanks to the following students who helped out: Emma Blunstone, Megan Haneskog, Kasia Klepajczuk, Max Milnes, Alistair Porter, Zoe Porter, Job Robinson, Kian Robinson and Thomas Swannie.
Group kick - Mae Geri - Dacre demo
Please click here for more photos of the event!

Competition Success!
Medal for KumiteWe recently took part in the 3rd South Yorkshire Open, an English Karate Federation-approved all-styles open Karate competition in Sheffield. Jacob Aldore, Kasia Klepajczuk, Max Milnes and Thomas Swannie all competed, and performed brilliantly. Jacob Aldore fought exceptionally well and got a Bronze medal in the fighting event, narrowly losing his semi-final by a single point in the very last second! Congratulations to all!
Karate CompetitionsKarate Competitions
New Classes
Click here for more information about new classes.
Please keep checking for more information coming up soon!!!!