Karate, Martial Arts, Self Defence, MMA - Harrogate - EST. 1999
This exciting new class is a fantastic opportunity for the very youngest children to get their first taste of martial arts!
The benefits of martial arts training are well-known – confidence,fitness, co-ordination, balance,
self-discipline, respect and courtesy are just some of the qualities that can be improved.
Classes are short and action-packed, and are based around specific games
and drills to improve basic
co-ordination and physical abilities. This then leads to the learning of simple Karate techniques, which help further develop the mind-body connection.
Training is carried out in a safe manner, with no impact or contact, and the sessions are designed to be challenging but relaxed and – most
importantly – FUN!
Classes are suitable for all children aged three, four and five. From the age of six, children can train in the normal Karate classes (see Shukokai Karate-do page for more details).
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Teaching Karate - Kamae Karate Kidz - front kick
The youngest Karate Kid