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Students are regularly assessed through a system of technical gradings, where they are tested in each of the Karate training areas - Kihon, Kata and Kumite.
Each grade is split into sections, which are marked out of ten. The number of sections may vary from grade to grade, and therefore results are worked out as a percentage. For all ages and grades, the pass mark is 55%. Where calculations result in a fractional percentage, normal decimal convention will apply, so that .5% and above is rounded up, whilst .4% and below is rounded down. Therefore, a score of 54.5% would be rounded up to 55% (a‘pass’), whilst 54.4% would be rounded down to 54% (a ‘fail’).
Any student who fails a grading will be given a verbal assessment by the grading examiner, including advice on the number of extra lessons that are needed before the grading can be re-taken.
Kyu Grades
The Kyu grades and their respective coloured belts are as follows:
10th Kyu – White Belt
  9th Kyu – White Belt with Red Tab
  8th Kyu – Yellow Belt
  7th Kyu – Orange Belt
  6th Kyu – Green Belt
  5th Kyu – Blue Belt
  4th Kyu – Purple Belt
  3rd Kyu – Brown Belt with 1 x Black Tab
  2nd Kyu – Brown Belt with 2 x Black Tabs
   1st Kyu – Brown Belt with 3 x Black Tabs
Dan Grades
Dan Grades wear a Black Belt, with each level denoted by a Red Tab: 1st Dan has one red tab; 2nd Dan has two red tabs; and so on. The minimum age for 1st Dan is eleven (Senior Cadet age).
A full Syllabus Book, detailing all of the grading requirements from 10th Kyu White Belt to 5th Dan Black Belt, is available on request.