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Young children in Kenshinkan Karate Academy’s Karate Kidz programme follow the Mon grading system. ‘Mon’ is the Japanese word for ‘Gate’, and denotes that the Karate Kidz system is the ‘gateway’ to future Karate practice and achievement.
Mon grades wear a Red Belt, and their respective level is shown by white tabs on the end of their belt as follows:
1st Mon – Red Belt with 1 White Tab
2nd Mon – Red Belt with 2 White Tabs
3rd Mon – Red Belt with 3 White Tabs
4th Mon – Red Belt with 4 White Tabs
5th Mon – Red Belt with 5 White Tabs
6th Mon – Red Belt with 6 White Tabs
7th Mon – Red Belt with 7 White Tabs
8th Mon – Red Belt with 8 White Tabs
9th Mon – Red Belt with 9 White Tabs
10th Mon – Red Belt with 10 White Tabs
At Mon level there are no formal gradings or exams, and progress is achieved through means of informal assessment during normal lesson time.
Progress is not just measured in terms of Karate technique, but also takes into consideration improvements made in general physical skills, motor control, balance, body awareness, understanding, effort, respect and etiquette.
Any child who transfers to the Kyu grading system in the normal Shukokai Karate-do class (applicable from the age of six upward) will have their grade transferred as follows:
1st Mon to 3rd Mon10th Kyu White Belt
4th Mon to 7th Mon9th Kyu White Belt with Red Tab
8th Mon to 10th Mon8th Kyu Yellow Belt